Thursday, February 23, 2017

Use Your Fitness Tracker to Compare Your Performance with the Professionals

Use Your Fitness Tracker to Compare Your Performance with the Professionals
Use Your Fitness Tracker to Compare Your Performance
Among all the innovations in the tech world such as laptops, televisions, etc which increase the laziness of humans, fitness trackers are a relief. They help you to improve the quality of life. The data from trackers help you to lead a healthier lifestyle. In fact, A fitness tracker can help you compare your performances to that of fitness professionals. Choosing the right tracker from the market is the only difficulty one faces.

Here are 7 things that people attribute to fitness trackers:

1. Motivation

Most fitness trackers along with a web application help you to track the activity level, total hours of sleep, activity time, and calories burned via fitness machines. The feedback from a tracker can always create an impact on people- it can be either positive or negative. If the feedback is good, then people get motivated and if the feedback is negative, then people will be able to understand that there is a lot more for them to get a fit body. Hence, a fitness tracker provides good motivation to enhance a person's fitness.

2. Accuracy

For achieving fitness goals, complete accuracy is not really important. One gets an overall idea about their fitness by using trackers. You can compare each day's detail with their previous one, so that they can decide whether there is a need to improve their daily workouts. Hence, fitness can be improved by utilizing the near to accurate details from the tracker and work as per its specifications.

3. Accountability

Accountability normally produces positive results. It is applicable here also. By realising the fact that they are being accountable to someone, enhances one's performance, increase competency level, commitment, and get satisfaction. This helps to improve a person's ability to achieve the goal for fitness or weight loss.

4. Heart rate monitoring

Heart rate monitoring is very much essential to monitor the fitness of one's body. Fitness is measured by how high the heart rate increases after a strenuous activity and how soon it decreases during rest periods. Another way to measure fitness is to find how your heart rate drops at the first half of the rigorous exercise. When the person's heart rate drops 12 beats less than before doing the exercise, then the person is unhealthy or having abnormal rate. If this average is normal, then the heart rate is said to be proper.

5. Sleep monitoring

For a healthy life, the most important thing is to have a good sleep. Due to work stress and other mental stress, it is expensive for people to get a sound sleep. Good sleep means good health. Today, there are fitness trackers that monitors the sleeping pattern of each person. It determines a person's actual hours of sleep and the hours that person was restless. Some trackers recommends the best time for a person to go to sleep and thus modify their sleeping pattern accordingly for achieving the fitness goal.

6. Behavior changes

The feedback from trackers helps to improve the fitness performance of each individual. From the recommendation from trackers, a person will be able to practice good exercises. Pull ups are a convenient exercise to carry out. This is a useful exercise to fat loss. Running a marathon is another good fitness exercise. Some of the benefits of running a marathon are increased cardiovascular activity, weight loss, increased immunity power, etc. Fitness tracker can regulate the sleeping patterns and thus maintain a good eating habit. Thus it helps to inculcate good and healthy behavior on people.

7. Goal Setting

Whatever is the task, goal setting is very much essential. The fitness trackers guides a person to set a perfect goal for achieving better fitness. It helps to recognize the plans that lead a person to a faster progress towards accomplishing fitness. Running, doing exercises, etc. should be scheduled wisely. The goal should be able to control it should not be hard to follow.

Healthy food habits, healthy lifestyle and exercise are some of the ways that helps to establish body fitness. Tracking daily activities can improve the fitness of the body. Using a fitness tracker can be helpful for a person to achieve the fitness goal. Running miles of distance can be a healthy exercise for meeting up the fitness goal. And hence participating in a marathon can be great idea for achieving the dream of a fit body.

Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace – How a Broker Can Save You Money

Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace – How a Broker Can Save You Money
Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace
Ever since the Affordable Care Act came into force, and it became compulsory for all legitimate Americans to buy health insurance, people are facing extreme difficulty in finding the most appropriate insurance plan, which has just the right amount of premium and coverage level.

To do that, you should be aware of the various insurance plans and subsidies provided by the government for Children and others, under the Medicaid plan, or you can hire a broker, who can waltz you through the Health Insurance MarketPlace (Exchange).

What is the Health Insurance Marketplace (Exchange)?

It is the place where people who don't have health insurance coverage come to find the health insurance plans currently available and choose the most appropriate one which suits their income. The health Insurance exchange also provides you with the information related to the subsidies provided by the government and helps you find out whether or no you are eligible for them.

Do I need a broker?

The answer depends on your level of knowledge of health insurance plans, calculating premiums as well as personal preference. Although, in some states, hiring a broker is mandatory for purchasing a health insurance plan.

If hired, the broker is supposed to help you find the most appropriate plan, which provides maximum coverage at the lowest possible premium paid.

What does the broker do?

The primary job of a broker is to help his/her client to choose the best health insurance policy, moderate the whole process of filling and submitting the requisite forms and processing insurance claims. They are paid commission by the insurance company depending on the number of policies they sell.

What should be my approach?

If you want to get the best policy by paying the best possible premium, then it is always wise to check the Health insurance exchange first by yourself and then contact a licensed broker to get a deeper insight on it.

Don't ever make a blindfolded decision. Sit with your broker and make a pen paper calculation of the premium and the coverage it will provide. If you get satisfied, only then should you proceed with it.

If your broker is offering you a special deal which will help you get a insurance plan with high coverage and less premium, then know this, there is no such thing as a special deal. The plans are decided by the company and the broker has no control over it. They can just act as a mediator between you and the firm to fasten the whole process of registering for a plan and receiving insurance benefits.


If you are planning to hire a broker, then make sure you are selecting a legitimate and experienced broker who is updated with the current changes in health insurance policies and subsidies.

Mostly, people who become brokers for the Health Insurance Exchange have prior experience in sales, especially in the healthcare sector. Most of the legitimate ones are members of National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) which functions under the American Insurance Association. You will find that a broker who actively takes classes to update his knowledge of the new reforms and changes in policies is probably one of the best who can surely help you choose a health lan with the right premium and coverage level.